I started my professional career as a web developer around 2016. In 2021, I resigned from my job to focus on completing college matters while taking on some freelance projects.


Xyvo Technologies B.V. (Feb 2023 - Present)

  1. Improving the UI & UX of some website projects.
  2. Designing in Figma and creating Vue components for the projects.

CKCollab (Jan 2023 - Mar 2023)

  1. Designed a new look for CKCollab website in Figma.
  2. Transformed the Figma design to HTML using React and Framer Motion.

1928.id (Mar 2022 - Oct 2022)

  1. Improved the UI & UX of Femicam's desktop application based on React Electron and Material UI.
  2. Designed and created React components for the application dashboard.
  3. Created an image editor using Sharp.js.

Hemat.id (Jun 2022 - Jul 2022)

  1. Created main site navigation (menu, footer, mobile drawer) using Tailwind CSS.
  2. Created product tiles, promotion cards, and other small components using Tailwind CSS.

Ciptaloka (Jan 2022 - Mar 2022)

  1. Created main site navigation (mega-menu, mobile drawer) using Tailwind CSS.
  2. Revamped shopping cart & checkout pages (~18 pages in total).

Full-time Work

Ciptaloka (Jul 2016 - Jun 2021)

My first and (currently) only professional work is at Ciptaloka. At Ciptaloka, I do many types of work, such as developing desktop, mobile, and web applications.

However, my work there is primarily focused on web development, and around the last 2 years I worked there, I have learned a lot about React, particularly when creating the v2 design editor.

Here are the details of the work I did at Ciptaloka:

  • Created the v2 design editor layout using React.
  • Redesigned the website's front page from vanilla CSS to use Foundation 6.
  • Developed interactive UI on mobile editor using Framework7, Backbone.js, and Marionette.js.
  • Created e-mail marketing design templates using Foundation for E-mails.
  • Customized the blog.ciptaloka.com WordPress theme to match the looks and feels of the main site.

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